Forget Gyu-Kaku! I love Ten-Raku!

As a Korean, I’m a firm believer, when dining at a Korean restaurant, in not paying for the rice, side dishes, and vegetables. It’s a given that you get these items as part of the price you pay for the main dish.

The Japanese owned Gyu-Kaku thinks otherwise and they will charge you for rice, side dishes, and vegetables.  I admit, Gyu-Kaku has a wide range of meat items but you get a small a la carte portion per order. It’s definitely not worth the money.

Also, due to the bad economy, there has been an explosion of AYCE (all you can eat) Korean BBQ spots. Even restaurants that used to not serve it as AYCE, have been converted into AYCE restaurants. One example is the well known Surabul restaurant. That place used to be so good but now it has turned into an AYCE restaurant.

If you’re like me, you’re probably already sick of all the AYCE restaurants. The first plate they give you is usually the best, but if you order more meat, the quality usually goes down by 50% or more. I don’t blame them. They’re charging as low as $7.99 for AYCE beef brisket and pork belly. Honestly, the only way that they are surviving is because they serve alcohol. Koreans love soju and beer with their meat. Right?

Anyways, today I went to church and usually we all go to eat together after service. It’s always a struggle to get the whole group to decide on a place to eat. Everyone has different tastes and it’s so hard to convince 10+ people to go to one location. I suggested Ten-Raku because I fell in love with the place after eating there with my coworkers and I wanted to share that experience with my church buddies.

Ten-Raku is located in Koreatown on 3rd & Hobart. It used to be called Nakji-Ma-Eul (specializing in octopus dishes) but they converted the restaurant into a Korean BBQ restaurant. They still serve octopus and its pretty good. I don’t like octopus but I actually like it here.

For our table of 6 people, we ordered the $80 combo (comes with a bottle of wine or two bottles of beer).

The $80 combo comes with an assortment of Kobe beef, beef brisket, US supreme beef, and pork belly. Honestly, I think the best part of going to a Korean restaurant are the side dishes.

The meat also comes with other vegetables, fruit, rice cake, and a dipping tray for the meat.

Pork Belly with Kimchi on top

After you’re done with the food, they bring out the bean paste soup and a bowl of semi burnt rice & water. If you’re not Korean then the rice may sound strange but it’s so good. It completes your whole dining experience. I forgot to take a picture of the rice but here’s a photo of the bean paste soup.

4177 W 3rd St.
CA 90189
(213) 380-8382
Service: 5 stars
Ambiance: 4 stars
Taste: 4.5 stars
Price: 4 stars
Quality: 4.5 stars
Til next time, ciao!
p.s. This week I will be blogging about two other restaurants. Embrace yourselves! Do not read my blog when you’re hungry. I don’t want to get any death threats.

2 Responses to “Forget Gyu-Kaku! I love Ten-Raku!”

  1. Dong-Titus Kim Says:

    when did you take these pictures!?!?

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